Cutting the Cord

Several years ago, I realized I was tired of paying for TV channels that never watched and didn't want. But, I wasn't sure what to do other than put up with it, or stop watching TV altogether. Then I found out about a third option: Cutting the cord and watching TV online.

I had heard about such, but imagined it involved crowding in front of a computer screen. I preferred to watch TV on my TV. Little did I know, I could watch TV online ... on my TV.

The bad news was that it meant buying new devices for the house. And I was looking to spend less money, not more. Then, I ran the numbers, and there was the good news. In less than three months, the new device was covered by the cable savings, and in less than four months, I was ahead of the game.

Now, depending on how far you go with new devices and services, and how much you're willing to change your viewing habits, you could spend more ... or less ... than I did.

Interested? Then let's dig a little deeper and see if cutting the cord is for you.