Google Chromecast

Google, the Internet search giant, is in the mix when it comes to streaming solutions. Google offers the Chromecast, which is a different take on a streaming device.

As A Single Solution

It’s possible to use a Chromecast as a single sources for television content. Most broadcast network shows — CBS shows excepted — are available through a Hulu subscription. Most new content is available on-demand the next day. Favorite shows that aren’t part of the Hulu package can be purchased from the Google Play store, giving you an even greater selection of content. Live sports from ESPN is available with a Sling TV subscription on Chromecast.

While the additional purchases and subscriptions will increase your overall cost, you may still come out cheaper, depending on how much you save by dropping cable or satellite.


Google's entry into the online streaming market is the Chromecast. If you already use your phone, tablet, or computer to stream content such as YouTube videos or more, then Chromecast won't have much of a learning curve at all. In fact, you must use a second device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer, for Chromecast to work.

Here's a typical example of how to use a Chromecast: You'd launch an app on your phone -- say from Hulu or YouTube or Netflix -- and select the content to play. At the bottom of the window is a "casting" icon, and you can use that to select your Chromecast as the place for the video to play.

Another popular use is the "casting" with the Chromecast is to play the content from your computer's Chrome browser tab onto your television. Although the process is occasionally "buggy" -- it's still in beta after two years -- it usually works well. You can learn more about the different types of "casting" content here.
Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast vs Chromecast Ultra

There are two models of Chfomecast. The regular Chromecast supports 1080p video and is WiFi only. The Chromecast Ultra supports Ultra HD (4K) video, supports both WiFi and ethernet connections, and has a faster processor.

Chromecast is available for $35, while Chromecast Ultra costs $69.